white International Tae Kwon Do Academy
Master Instructor, Brian Malik
32 Tioga Way Marblehead MA
(781) 631-8504

Learn the world's most popular martial art from a Master Instructor. Tae Kwon Do is an artistic discipline, an Olympic Sport, and a system of self defense. Master Instructor, Brian Malik is a former US National Champion and former Head Coach of the Massachusetts Jr. Olympic Team. He has trained thousands of students including a dozen National Champions at this Marblehead Studio since 1985. The training here is intense. Students will do more pushups than the football team, more stretching than the track team, and while they train, they listed to talks on topics such as self-discipline, respect and perseverance. Students understand that their goal here is not to score points in a game, but rather to develop strength, flexibility, concentration, coordination, respect, discipline and the ability to protect themselves. They also understand that developing these traits will help them score points in any game they choose to play, or succeed in any endeavor they choose to pursue.

Parents, if you are trying to decide on an extra curricular activity for your child, please consider this; when you send your child off into the world, you will not likely wish that your daughter had spent more time riding horses or tap dancing, or that your son had spent more time playing badminton or even flag football! You will want them to be able to protect and fend for themselves, respect others and have the self-discipline to succeed in whatever they choose, and to deal with whatever comes their way.

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