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Master Instructor, Brian Malik
32 Tioga Way Marblehead MA
(781) 631-8504

Our Purpose and Philosophy:
Our program is designed to assist in the personal development of our students. We use a variety of activities to help us achieve our objectives, including an Olympic sport, an artistic discipline, self-defense training, and an abundance of exercises and games. Our philosophy is that all students can continuously improve themselves, both physically and mentally through Tae Kwon Do training, and enjoy the process.

Tae Kwon Do:
Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea, over two thousand years ago. It has developed and improved over the centuries. Today, Tae Kwon Do is the world's most popular martial art. It is an official Olympic sport. People practice Tae Kwon Do in every country in the world. It is known throughout the world that Tae Kwon Do is very beneficial to children. The course at the International Tae Kwon Do Academy is a fun, safe system of personal development, which is highly recommended by many parents, physicians, and educators. It may be the best extra-curricular activity for children.

An Artistic Discipline:
Tae Kwon Do is an artistic discipline. The techniques are done with graceful and powerful movements. Students continuously strive to improve the artistic presentation of each technique. The art of Tae Kwon Do develops posture, graceful movement, excellent coordination, and attention to detail. We believe that all children can benefit from exposure to an artistic discipline.

An Exercise Program:
Students are given exercises to do at home in addition to what they do in class. The exercises are gradually increased as the student improves. When exercise is done consistently, invaluable physical and mental improvements occur. Students develop real and lasting self-confidence. We do exercises which develop strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance, memory, concentration, coordination and self-control; to name a few. One of the keys to the success of this program is that the exercises are fun, the students see results, and they are inspired to do more.

An Olympic Sport:
Tae Kwon Do is now an Olympic sport, it was introduced to the Olympics in Korea in 1988. It is an excellent sport for young people. Unlike many of the other sports that children are involved with today, Tae Kwon Do competitors are required to demonstrate respect for officials coaches and their fellow competitors! Mr. Malik is well qualified to teach this sport. He is a former U.S. National Champion, and was the Head Coach of the Massachusetts Jr. Olympic team for eight years. Students do not have to compete, but they do learn the sport, and practice it during class.

Self-Defense Training:
We call self-defense skills, safety skills. We believe that it's important for all children to learn safety skills. When a child learns and develops safety skills, the chance of sustaining an injury due to a fall or an attack is greatly reduced; and the chance of escaping from an abduction attempt is greatly increased! Learning these safety skills does not promote violence; rather, it enables one to avoid becoming a victim of violence and to minimize injury during a fall. Only martial arts programs teach these invaluable skills.

Self-discipline is a vague concept for many children. Tae Kwon Do training develops self-discipline. Students are taught that self-discipline means doing things the right way, not taking the easy way out. Students are encouraged to practice self-discipline, in all areas of life.

Goal Setting:
Few things of significance are achieved without setting goals. Students learn how to set goals. Goal setting is a skill which is strengthened with practice. Students practice setting and achieving goals.

Success in a personal development program, such as this, where the students experience noticeable increases in strength, flexibility, memory, coordination, and self-defense skills, as the result of a dedicated and cognizant effort, is an excellent foundation for self-confidence. It is self-confidence based on physical and mental self-improvement, as opposed to self-confidence based on one's athletic performance. This self-confidence is deep; it is not subject to the results of tomorrow's game. It is not reserved for the best players on the team; it is available to everyone, because everyone experiences improvement with exercise.

Common Concerns:
The most common concern of parents is that children may use techniques inappropriately. Upon commencement of this program the students promise that techniques will not be misused. The instructor explains what is, and is not appropriate. Students here are properly trained and have agreed not to misuse these techniques. Children are less likely to hurt themselves or others when they are trained properly. Children are much more likely to injure themselves and others when they are self-taught or are mimicking cartoon characters! Another concern of many parents has to do with martial arts weapons. We believe that children should not practice using weapons. We do not teach weapons. Many other martial arts schools in the area, however, do teach children how to use weapons. How is this program different from others? Of course, the most important difference between one program and another is the instructor. Master Instructor, Brian Malik is one of the top Tae Kwon Do instructors in New England. He is a 6th Degree Black Belt, and was the Head Coach of the Mass. Jr. Olympic Team for 8 years. He is also a former National Champion. Mr. Malik is the father of three children which gives him a perspective on teaching children which many instructors do not have. He teaches the important skills and lessons that parents want their children to learn. Many school teachers and college professors have had thier children in his classes, and many have taken notes.

Free Trial Membership:
Our program involves all of the most desirable characteristics of an extra-curricular activity. We believe that it is by far the best and most beneficial activity for children; We encourage anyone who is interested in an extra-curricular activity that "covers all the bases" to come in for a free trial membership, and compare this program to any other. We offer classes in Marblehead and Beverly Farms. The trial membership includes one week of classes with Master Instructor, Brian Malik and an International Tae Kwon Do Academy T-shirt.

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